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BBQ is better with a vape


I wish I could just walk away, however, my smoker doesn’t have any kind of electronics to it. All manual. Besides, when we have tons of people over, it becomes my getaway. I can stay out there and have relative peace while all the chaos is inside. Lol


Omg! Yes! And + beer)


And +me:3…


Warm Bank Holiday Weekend forecast here in the UK for a change so going to fire up my ProQ smoker and cook a couple of racks of ribs along with a turkey thigh and leg using this brine recipe

Turkey Brine

1 Turkey / Turkey Crown / or whatever turkey cut you prefer

The Brine

8 litres cold Water

400g salt

200g white sugar

200g brown sugar

300ml soy sauce

200ml cider vinegar

100g runny honey

6 tablespoons ground black pepper

2 tablespoons garlic granules

2 teaspoons ground Allspice

I Use half the amounts if just doing a leg and thigh combo

Done a Whole turkey and turkey leg/thigh combo a couple of times using this Brine method. Works really well and produces a fabulous tasting finished turkey joints, that is so juicy and so different in flavour and texture to one cooked in a conventional oven.

I actually prefer doing legs and thighs though as the dark meat tastes even better, especially if left to go go cold for 24 hours after smoking. The finished flavour works even better, but isn’t as moist as when eaten warm.


First breakfast of the season…


I thought Ogres cooked over an open fire?


Still in the smoker… 13 hours now… about ready to remove it… Boston Butt (Pulled pork).


When I see these pictures I’m asking myself, what have I been missing out off?

I know hard to believe, but I’ve never bbq’d in my whole life lol. Maybe something I start doing this summer?


I’ll be a needin’ those GPS coordinates :smirk:


not a problem…
37° 13’ 7.19’’ N
93° 18’ 3.56’’ W


Oh goodness no. I mean, sometimes camping it’s fun or maybe at something like a heritage festival. I like the flat top for breakfasts, stir frys, grilled condiments, seafood, etc. The infrared is much better for anything that cooks well over time, much like an oven. Got a few burners for things that must be done in a pot. Of course I have a charcoal grill for searing, dogs, burgers, brats and the like. Fire pits are pretty much relegated to smoars and such for the little ogres.


@CallMeTut You gotta NICE lookin’ butt there !!!





This ones brother:

When it was almost eaten I realised: no pic, didn’t happen, so I managed to take a picture of the remaining wing.

And for the first and last time I post private pictures: my pride and joy


Thanks for sharing @Koningmafkees


Which one?
The outhouse?
The trampoline?
The truck?
The folded up ping-pong table?

:wink: :laughing: j/k

Nice little family party place!