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Hmmm that’s odd. it’s loading on our browsers as well. @MysticRose we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience:(


damn that does suck. maybe clear your cookies/cache? or try rebooting the pc?

Im about to place a small order myself


Not your fault, but thank you. Gotta run now, but will do as obijuan suggested and clear cache and reboot. Thanks all :slight_smile:


Happy Friday everyone!
Our weekend sale this week is on Jungle Flavors !
Save 30% on these fine German flavors with the code in the pic!
Have a great weekend and Happy Mixing!



Memorial Day Savings Start now!
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Other than that Stay tuned for more deals and giveaways!

Our team wishes you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend and gives thanks to those who gave all!

Memorial Day Sales Thread 2018


That’s my favorite. Because if they all took a rip of the menthol crystals at a 80% PG solution at 150 watts we wouldn’t be having issues like this because that’d wake your ass up.


UPDATE: USPS is back up and available to choose as an shipping option! TGIF Mix Family!


ughhhh, I am stuck on the order page, hit place order 4 times already and it is just sitting there.

Edit: refreshed the page and the order went through…phew


Have a great Holiday Weekend everyone! Our Memorial Day Sale is good until Tuesday!

If interested, we have another variant of our Memorial Day giveaway going on our Facebook Page … a Mystery Prize! :slight_smile:




Did u mean that to be replied here for the contest? ECX: Memorial Day Giveaway! $50 Gift Code :)