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EcigExpress: Sales, Flavor News and more!


also we recieved your PM and you’ve been added to the list!

additional note: Kudos to the other mixers for catching that for @Pap!


Nothing like feeling like a Smart Phone challenged old man! Hahaha


That’s Ok @Pap you’re in good company with the ELR community as demonstrated earlier :grinning:


@JoJo @Ken_O_Where @daath

We need a manual thread cleanup on aisle 12 please!

For those who don’t know to ask… (Previously) due to a glitch, the forum software does not auto delete a post in 24 hrs (though it says it will) once it’s been “liked”. So, when you see this (especially on something that matters: like above), please bring it to the attention of staff! (At least until we get a heads up from Lars that it’s been fixed in Discourse! :wink:


i didnt know will do next time i need to, just tried to clean up the thread since it didnt pertain to the topic


Wasn’t meaning to point (or “wag”) a finger at you or anyone else (for that matter). That’s why I just did a general reply. :wink:

It’s something that I figured not a lot of people knew (since the last time mentioned, it’s buried in an obscure post, similar to this one), but was worth mentioning.

The fact that everyone tried to clean up is awesome!
The underlying issue that “likes” prevent the auto-deletion was my sole reason for wanting to let everyone know. :slight_smile:



Hi gang, this week’s Flash sale is on our house brand one shots Express DIY
Also to the mixers we spoke with yesterday your bottles will go out today :slight_smile:


did you get 10 yet?
I like free stuff :smile:
You have my address


Most of us do…rofl :rofl:


It helps to read the thread, at least it wasn’t a 2016 post :blush:



Happy Friday Mixers! This Week’s sale is on Flavors Express!
We hope you have an excellent weekend :grinning:


sorry for my ignorance , but i thought we were testing this flavor , however it seems you guys want feed back on the bottles not the flavor , am i correct ??? btw just from opening the package the bottles are very nice but ill work with the flave to see how much wrinkling the plastic does if any , that would be what makes or breaks the bottle , the cap is nice as well


I think both.

It smells like strawberry but I think harvest strawberry was more amazing on the quick whiff test.

As for the bottle and cap they seem sturdy. Did a couple quick on/off tests. Seams secure. The bottle seems to have pretty good tension. I may do a quick strawberry mix session tomorrow for giggles so I can get good feedback on the flavor.


i wasnt sure either about the bottles but u guys got 30ml samplers, mine is 10ml, all good there as free is free. The bottle that looks similar but smaller is nice tho, seems s tad softer then the others but not so much i accidentally squeeze too much.I was kind just squeeze w/ index finger and seemed perfect imho


i really like the smell of this it is very close to CAP which im sure they were going for that , id like to see how this mixes with Red Touch or even RIPE which i dont use to often


@worm1 @Chrispdx what are you guys going to use for %


i didnt crack it yet, recv’d w/ other goodies but i read 3.5 sf


i didnt even look , i forgot its not a new flave oooops


aye, not as fun as i thought it was either


I think I’m gonna just mix it with some milkyundertone ooo