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EcigExpress: Sales, Flavor News and more!


omg what a headache ordering today , its all good i grabbed the last of the Cream Whipped :frowning: to bad you guys cldnt order direct from FA


Didn’t you just order a huge bottle of this? I think you are stockpiling for the apocalypse. Either that or you are addicted…lol.


i wanted to buy a 500ml bottle , but when i went to do it the next day there was no option for it so the good people at ECX were trying to figure it out but the reason i couldnt was bc the stock was low so 30ml bottles was all i could buy , i did want to buy a lot because i hate ordering from companies not in the US


Whenever anyone tries the Burlone and the RY4-Ever, please share your opinions and tasting notes’ I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:


RE (King) sounds delicious would love to try.


You can order it on their website. Code elrecipes is 10% ost items in case you missed the FA sale :slight_smile:
Please share your opinions on the flavors with the rest of us diy’ers



Howdy Mixfamily, just wanted to stop in and tell that we have temporarily reduced the price of all of our Flavors Express 10mls by 50% !
No coupon necessary, and still eligible with other codes!
Happy Monday!


how about listing the top 10 flaves , make itneasy on me lol top 10 not including lemon :slight_smile:


You could ‘sort by’ best sellers, top rated, most viewed, etc


ya but im being lazy today :slight_smile:


@ecigexpress any Friday deals today??


yes sorry for the delay on posting!


Good Morning and Happy Friday Mix family! Our weekend sale is on Jungle Flavors!
Save 25% with the code below:


All of our 10mls of FE are 50% with no coupon necessary as well!

Last but not least this week’s recipe from us is a simple Strawberry biscuit stick!

Other than that we wish you a wonderful weekend and happy mixing!


I’m sure it’s probably posted somewhere, but could someone tell me who, or what Jungle Flavors and FlavorsExpress is ?


They are flavor manufacturing companies.


Is a European flavor company IIRC (not a rebrand, like ECX does with others ie: Signature = TFA, Lotus = Medicine Flower).

Not sure about Flavors Express (though I’ve been wondering myself recently…)


Thanks, I’ve seen them for a while, haven’t used either.


IIRC Flavors Express is from China. They have been around for a long time. They have some pretty decent flavors, and most are to be used at about 2.5%. They’re pretty concentrated.


Their Sweet Rice (FE) is pretty good. I’m definitely going to try more flavors from them.


Happy Friday Mixfamily! This weekend’s sale is on Flavor West! Save 15% with code below.


Next week we will do a new giveaway as well!
Other than that, we wish you a SAFE and awesome weekend! Happy Mixing folks!