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Favorite site to buy e-liquid supplies?


I heard that vaporstek is a good option for nicotine as well, especially since NR is going to sell that kind of nicotine pretty soon as well. Shipping is also quicker, but I’m not sure if price wise it would be better.


Is the new nicotine supposed to not be as good or more expensive or something??


Its apparently better than nic select, but also more expensive at places that were selling it. NR mentioned in one of their emails they would offer it at a better/similar price. We will have too see. I tried it once, but I like nic select, soon not available at NR anymore quite frankly.

I think the Europeans could give you a better opinion, because that’s all that’s available too them? Sorry if I’m wrong. Its called chemnovatic nicotine.


I usually use Nic River for larger orders because of the free shipping over $50. Bull City when I want it quicker. Recently tried eliquid.com for a test order of a couple flavors. The package I received was from Nic River, the bottles have Nic River’s labeling too. The selection, prices and ordering app is the same as Nic River’s as well. What’s nice is it is free shipping on any order and there’s an 11% off discount code too (nobamboozles11). Shipping time was around the same as Nic River obviously since it was sent by them.


I have placed 23 orders with Bull City Flavors, not one was later than 4 working days and most were 3… Never a mix up or problem except once I received a bottle of Cap Lychee and the nozzle was not entirely inserted in the bottle so when I used it the nozzle came off and Lychee everywhere. But, this was not BCF’s fault as the bottle was packaged by Capella. They replaced it immediately. I like to get my Nic from NR or Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers.