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Sweeten away - it is your juice and your taste you are doing diy to satisfy :grinning: - I would add sweetener in .5% (or smaller) increments until you find your sweet spot (see what i did there lol).


Cap Super sweet works awesome to sweeten juices… 2 or 3 drops in a 30ml bottle of juice usually does it for me… Pyur Stevia works well too and you can buy that walmart if your in the USA


I will surely do that haha, thanks!


too bad I live in Indonesia :confused:, is it fine if I use Sweetener by TFA?


With super sweetner, I add 0.2% or 0.25% at the time, and taste how it is. Satisfied, store your sweetner addition to the recipe, and you are set for the next batch.

Could also ad minimal with ethyl maltol (EM) to sweeten up the strawberry part of the juice…


Yes mate it is fine it is not quite as sweet as cap super sweet


Yes sir. It’s all sucralose


I agree with @woftam he said it right :slight_smile:


Always my impression and others advice. Flavors trick the mind into sensing more complexity than exists, but bottom-line business is always looking for easy and cheap. Many commercial producers only have a short list of Vendors because they are purchasing huge quantities of flavorings and only a few companies can deliver 55 gal drums of Apple Pie extract etc.

After mixing up some Strawberry Fog (heavy NYCC Graham Cracker Crust and Strawberry) I have decided Graham Cracker would make a great add to Apple Pie for that bakery (not necessarily graham) crust …very cookie/biscuit with a touch of cinnamon. Maybe Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) @ 2%


Hmm… Not bad idea!
Tough about INAWERA Biscuit combined with Graham Cracker today as well. Just got the INAWERA today you see… You should try it, if you haven’t yet. That alone gave me a note of a pie crust. Or at least the buttery/bakery part of pie crust :wink:


I much prefer Jungle Flavors biscuit over ineweras version. INW version is just too strong and too AP like. Jungle flavors are strong as well only 0.5% in a mix will bump the pie crust adding a better tasting flaky biscuit aspect. IF you can afford German flavors cookie it is very very similiar but slightly better you would need 1.5% however for it not to fade in a mix…


Speaking of Acetyl Pyrazine!!: That’s what I came here to ask about!

I have this banana pudding recipe that is really, really good for a first attempt. But, my hands are tied trying to achieve the nilla wafers layer.

I’m using only pg-free flavors, so I can’t use inw biscuit or anything else that most folks would use.

I found a vg-based Acetyl Pyrazine by OOO. Could I just add a touch of that to this recipe to give texture to the cookie? Or, maybe someone knows of another flavor that would help? Maybe adjusting the graham cracker and sugar cookie %s?

(Also, you will see that I use PG in this recipe, but I still only use pg-free concentrates and extracts so I can mix for my wife, too. So, I don’t buy the pg versions at all)



I like some sweetness in many of my mixes as well. However, if you’re like me, over time your tastes may very well change. When I first started DIY I was adding sweetener to everything before even trying it. Then I started noticing some recipes with no sweetener at all. Curiosity got the better of me, and so I tried a few of them. To my surprise, after a while I realized I didn’t need all that sweetener. Oh I still use it, but not in everything and not nearly as much. Maybe force yourself to vape some of that recipe without added sweetener…for a little while anyway. You may learn as I did that it’s not always necessary. And I feel the more often you can avoid sweeteners the better.


inulin is a fiber used in many fiber bars to raise dietary fiber intake. it gives the worst gas imaginable. but inulin coming from agave, which is a sweetener… i dont know. seems the best place for a no filler stevia powder would be a natural foods store and make sure to check ingredients.


Well said, and I shared the same experience. I still like a sweet vape but there are plenty recipes which require no added sweetener to be sweet. At some point you just get tired of crusting up another atomizer/coil/wick in just days because of Sucralose sweetness. Fruit, bakery, and desert vapes in general can deliver on the Sweet without adding additional sweeteners.

Realize some flavors simulate naturally sweet foods and trick your brain/tastebuds into thinking “sweet!” I’m vaping some Boysenberry (Flavorah) right now which is coming across as very sweet. Honey (FA) is another …I think if your brain is perceiving that “honey” note it can imagine the remembered sweetness of real honey YMMV (your memory may vary) :wink:


Lol. Interesting twist!
I like it!!

The original being “your mileage may vary” (for those not familiar with it). Mileage referring to differences in experiences due to having traveled a different road/path.


Just started working on my first original recipe. Looking to make a heavy/dense/moist strawberry dragonfruit cake w/creamy icing. Still need to do a bunch of single flavor testing but did a bunch of flavor research to try and formulate a decent mix - im sure there is alot i could change so thats why im trying to get some input and suggestions. Also planning on doing an order for some more flavorings that will be used to replace some of flavors i currently have in my mix and/or making an entire new recipe attempt at this flavor profile.

Heres what i have so far: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1809855/Straw-Dragon+Cake+%28Work+in+progress+-+suggestions+wanted%29

Cake Batter Dip (FW) 5%

Dragonfruit (TPA) 2%

Golden Butter (CAP) 1%

Meringue (FA) 1.5%

Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3%

Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 1%

Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 1%



No matter how I mix my caramels (too numerous to mention here) I just can’t get that Werther’s Original flavor I’m looking for. One friend suggested adding Butter Cream (FW) and another friend suggested a wee bit of Condensed Milk (FA), like 2 drops to a 30ml bottle.

Any other advice about attaining this flavor profile would be much appreciated. I’d be happy to get the caramel flavor I taste in G2’s CaRnY4. Thank you.


have you added butterscotch to your caramels ??


Hmm, don’t think I have and I have Butterscotch (NF) which was highly recommended by HIC. Thanks, I’ll do that!