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i love caramel candies and milkshakes , but havent had luck with caramel vapes so if you nail it let me know id like to try it , if you post your recipe i think it may help so others can see what you have tried , good luck


Or butter toffe, even normal toffe would kick ass :wink:


Thx. I’m just being a lazy bum, I’ve tried so many it’s getting tired. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to post a few.


Any particular brand you recommend?


Had TPA Irish cream and CAP Pralines and cream lying around not getting used so i decided to experiment a bit with them. Just mixed this up tonight and so far its a decent shake and vape - cant wait to see how it turns out after a good steep. I am still very new to DIY so any help or suggestions are much appreciated! I feel like there are probably things i could do better in this mix. Going to wait and see how things settle after a steep, but i feel like it should have a stronger nutty note to it.

Chunky Irish Pralines and (ice) Cream: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1813071/Chunky%20Irish%20Pralines%20and%20(ice)%20Cream%20(give%20me%20feedback!)

1% Biscuit (INAWERA)
2% Cake Batter Dip (FW)
3% Irish Cream (TPA)
5% Pralines and Cream (CAP)
1% Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA)
4% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 16%


Here’s what I can tell you based on my experiences.
Dragonfruit (TPA) is a rather weak flavor. So 2% of it will have a tough time standing up against “heavy” things.
Cake Batter Dip (FW) I’m not familiar with. But judging by the name it may not offer much in the way of a baked cake. You may want to shop around for a good cake flavoring. I used FW Yellow Cake until I tried Purilum Yellow Cake. Won’t go back to FW for it now and would recommend you try that. That and CAP Cake Batter (small dose) may well give you the heaviness you seek.
I like where your head is with the strawberry. I think you should definitely start low and build as it could overpower an otherwise great mix.
Vanilla Custard will also aid in the heaviness, but adds zip to moistness. So 1-2% of that may bring out the notes you want in terms of richness.
As for the creamy icing, I would recommend FLV Frosting.

So, if I were to remix your mix, it would look like this…

Cake Batter (CAP) 0.5%
Yellow Cake (PUR) 2.75%
Dragonfruit (TPA) 3.5%
Golden Butter (CAP) 0.75%
Strawberry Ripe (TPA) 3%
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 1.5%
Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP) 2%
Ethyl Vanillin (TPA) 1%
Frosting (FLV) 1%

Not sure how this would be, but just ideas based on past experience. Never even thought of Dragonfruit in a cake :slight_smile:
Party on Garth


Hey Sm! Whats the Ethyl Vanillin do? Interested minds want to know~


I’ve found it can aid in giving a heaviness to bakery flavors while adding some sweetness. It also seems to make vanilla flavors pop and provide more mouthfeel.


Ok. Four weeks steeping and still trying to figure out how to vape it!!



http://tjek.nu/r/ea6r?token=b243a96c0ac50a6 what can be done to make this better.? needs to be a stronger strawberry to it. needs more of a POW!!!


Might be the creams/dairy are drowning the sb. I’d prob lower the dairy (maybe the sb milkshake) and bump up the shisha. You probably won’t get much from CAP Sweet Sb at that low a %

Hold out for more suggestions though!


Like @Lolly said, I’d bump up the strawberries to probably 2% for shisha and 4% for sweet.


Thank you. I will try what you said. I also would like something like the McDonalds milkshake. nice n sweet and lots of flavour.


This is a delicious sb milkshake by @Amy2 :

If you needed more sweetness you could add sweetener to taste :+1:


Looks damned tasty to me!!

I’d want to add something to “cool it down” though!
(thinking koolada or WS-23…)
Can’t stand melted shakes or ice creams. :laughing:


Awesome thanks for the help! Gonna give this a mix tongiht and see how it goes!


thats funny , have you tried WS23 ? koolada doesnt do it for me ( cooling effect ) it comes off as a menthol/ mint flave at all kinds of pcts


Not yet… So I should probably have kept my yap shut in that respect. But it was more me trying to comment on the “ice cream has to be cold” for me. chuckles

I’ll try and be more mindful.


no need for that , i get what you were saying , i was just looking for feed back , ive heard good and bad


I appreciate the sentiment… But I think there’s definitely a need for that. I don’t want to get “too relaxed” and inadvertently become a member of the “parrot brigade”. =(

The community is far better served by first hand experience and opinion, even if/when those opinions clash, as long as they remain based in ‘fact’. Which I generally try really hard to do.

So yeah, I need to be a bit more mindful.
Thanks though!
Maybe I’m taking it a little too serious, but I’m just
trying to stick to my own principles. :wink: