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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


It’s embarrassing how much I love this clone


Awww…isn’t that pretty! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Loch Ness with my Crown III looks friggin schweet vapes damn good too :+1:


It’s a replay kinda day…


@SmilingOgre Maybe you can help me out with my DNA 250C. I hadn’t really tried out the replay much, just so blown away by it’s greatness in simple watts mode, switched to replay mode with simple kanthal 7 wrap coils, and I noticed that the text box where it should say record or save (I don’t know it’s blank) never comes up, so I can’t save or record, and/or replay. Any replays thoughts on this ?

What are your favourite recipes

Gotta close up shop but I’ll get back to you when I get home. Hang tight!


Ok, sorry about that.

First off, Kanthal will not work the best with replay. It changes very little in resistance as the temperature of the wire changes. I use SS and it works great.

Next, what is the device? Does it have a menu That looks like this?




Replay only works if at least one wire is tc compatible. Say a kanthal/ss coil.


A WhiteRose over Waikiki


A Druga over Deadpool




@SmilingOgre, it’s a PSO DNA250C.

@Molly_Mcghee !!!



It looks like you’ve got it. What do you need help with?


I’m guessing Replay doesn’t work with Kanthal, as the center text box is always blank, so I can’t record, save, or playback.


Pretty much it. Try some SS. You will be amazed. Promise.


Thanks @SmilingOgre I know I’ve got some around here somewhere…


Squape X[s] on my Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C w/my custom theme (for my old-fart eyes that can’t read that tiny text!)