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How much is enuff?


Mike drop!!!


The size commonly referred to as “TFL” too friggen ittle. The damn thngs are hard to see and impossible to find if you drop one


I’m going to save a little off my budget of FA flavors next month to donate to ELR. I really love this site even though I don’t post much. I enjoy that it is free and nothing is asked of its users. And there is always something to learn digging through this site. As for new equipment I’m Don for a while. Except I dropped the top of my ‘drop’ rda which doesn’t go on very well now. So that needs replaced. As for flavors I call it quits every month with 300 something flavors now. But I find myself replacing the ones I use most often with larger and larger bottles. I don’t think there will ever stop building my collection.


@SteamECloudz @daath and the ELR Family thank you !!!


You don’t have to post much to get a lot out of ELR.


I could watch this magnificent bastard for 12 hours or more! Go, you beautiful freak!! GOOOOO!!!


On the actual mods, T5 is the most common I’ve found. As for the Allen-head grub screws, 1.3 or 1.5 mm are the two sizes I keep handy for my RTA’s.


As one old grumpy bastard to another, get yourself a desk mounted magnifier. Forget the glasses, toss out the little magnifier stand that came with the set of helping hands and get a lighted magnifier. Talk about a godsend!


How much is enuff?


Guess it depends on your point of view…

I had enough of cigs when I realized I was actually working for big tobacco even thou I was working in a pizza factory at the time. Uncle Sam got a small portion of my check , big tobacco was getting roughly 50% of my check… that was enuff. Something had to change…

Have i had enough of vape , when the alternative is working for big tobacco. I can never have enough vape. Do I get bored of mixing not really . Got a variety of daily mixes that I enjoy that I mix in large batches… just add nic … thou a few I’ve started vaping @0 nic… oh my good the difference in flavor is mesmerizing as I’ve lowered my nic from 24 to 3 over the past 2 yrs…

The biggest jump in flavor for me was going from store bought to DIY…

But sometimes I want something different. If inspiration hasn’t hit me I look at what I can mix with flavors I have. And if I’m inspired I work on my inspiration…


I like the suggestion of creating a section for articles. I usually find myself googling questions about vaping hardware, software, recipes, builds, etc.
Articles that answer questions such as “What” is something and “How” to do this or that.

Veterans could be asked (nicely) to write a detailed article about a topic pertaining to their expertise.
Then at the end of the article, the author could suggest a few related threads for further reading on the topic.
It is just a lot easier to find information. Also, a pro to having articles on this forum is that I feel more comfortable getting my info from ELR than other resources.


Honestly, i have been missing VapeyMama :eyes:
The forum has changed since i have been around (not long…) but it is bittersweet. I learned oodles of information on this site and have met many brothers and sisters that have helped me.
I still learn everyday when i pop on the site. I have seen an influx in giveaways, which is fun to pass time.
This has been the most friendly site and thats why its the only one i use.
I am excited to see if any of the proposed changes, that this thread has brought to the table, happen!
Vape on friends👊


@Laura5 I’m in the same boat as you.


I can’t function without my jeweler’s goggles.