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Memorial Day Sales Thread 2018


Please post your sales here :smile:
This is all i could find so far.
15% off of everything including clearance items. “MEM15” Starts 5/25-5/28
Heavens Gifts
30% off of everything except for clearance items “AM30”
For My UK Family
15% off of everything “SAVE15”


ECX posted their 30% off sale here (in another section) as well:


Via Email

Vapers Tek 25% off memorial sale.


Coupon Code: Memorial25

Sale expires Monday, may 28, 2018 at midnight CST.

$20 minimum order required, wholesale accounts are excluded from this offer.

  • code must be applied to cart prior to checkout
  • VT is unable to apply the code after checkout
  • there is a $20 minimum purchase required
  • In - stock items only, no rain checks (back orders)


Advanced vape supplies are having a memorial sale as well.

May 24th till Monday, may 28th 2018, 30% off site wide.

Code: MEM30

As well as the reintroduction of their aliens.

Sorry @robin if this thread was mean for EU only. Just realized it could be and I derailed it :frowning:


Looks like Eciggity disabled that code it won’t work for me and say’s it was disabled.


Sorry the sale is from 5/25-5/28


No need to be sorry. I also live in the US. The thread is for any memorial day sale. :smile:


Thanks, I had a few things in the cart, depends on what other sales pop up, I might go back to it tomorrow.


Last I knew, Memorial Day (on the day coming…) is specifically a US holiday. :wink: So I don’t think you “pooched it”. :laughing:


Nicotine Flash Sale!
Take 20% off WIZARD LABS USP Gallon Sizes
Use Coupone Code: Nicotine20
Offer Expires tomorrow, 5/25/18, at 9am

Alien Baby $20.00

Kaos Z bundle $36.00 with code: VIPHDWR10


I know this is a DIY forum … but for those peeps that still buy juice, like me …
This is some good cheap juice… I personally like the raspberry rupture and the grape . My 2 favs! … $5 dollars for 60mL. I get 3 raspberry 3 grape… to go over the $30 dollar free shipping threshold…
So… 3 - 120s for $30 shipped… (6 - 60s ) (360ml)


If anyone sees a liquid barn sale please tag me , im running low on VIC tia




20%off until the 28th


The Vaptio flash deals are LIVE!!

Check out the Vaptio vendor thread (post 83) for more details…

But the main thing to look at for the moment IMO is the N1 Pro for only $14.99 (shipping adds $5)!!

These were $59.99 only a couple months ago (for the mod alone)!

While there is a distinct chance that the unit may need “an upgrade” (flimsy wire used in the “coil-impedance sensing” section), these are otherwise incredibly well built units that measure coils accurately and have a heatsink for the pcb the size of Noah’s Ark! :laughing:


Get yours while they last!!


Including Black Label Concentrates


Not sure if there’s a code, or the price has been adjusted… But it’s showing up as being $19.99 for me.


No, no code needed. But the ad I received said it was only temp with no expiration given. When I checked it yesterday, it was 15.99. Guess they removed the sale. Sorry brother!


@fidalgo_vapes liquid barn has a20% off the code is America
20% off Memorial Sale on till MONDAY 28/5/2018 Use coupon code : AMERICA https://www.liquidbarn.com/