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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


watched it last night, wow…step away for Vince but he nailed the unhinged psycho, great film :ok_hand:


Also a bit ironic here, considering we go to the Humane Society when it comes time to adopt a furball. :wink:

Perhaps baby agencies and the humane society should switch by that (sound) logic… :laughing:


Yeah, that’s been a great series!
Going to miss it. At least they did a respectable wrap up on it.

Sherlock (BBC) is another old favorite that I’m revisiting.


About to watch an anime called Your Name with the wife, heard it was good. Looks artistically awesome


This season has been fracking awesome! I started watching it from the first ep because, like you, this story has always intrigued me. Of course it has the needless drama to fill up time but it is worth it just to see them find ___ and ____! hehe

I am watching Godless for the second time, wow, just wow… This is quickly climbing to the top of my favorite westerns list.


Looked through the videos on an old hard disk and dug out this gem:


Peeky Blinders 4 and Black Mirror 4 are available on german netflix since today!!!


Ive finished Peaky Blinders (phenomenal) and if you like that kind of thing I highly recommend a book called ‘Gangs of Manchester’ by Andrew Davis about the Scutlers (the Manchester peaky blinders) its a great read, and im two episodes into Black Mirror season 4…so far…brilliant as expected :ok_hand:

And movie wise I recommend ‘Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri’ …great story and amazing performances 🖒



High School of the Dead. It’s a great zombie anime with hilarious jiggle physics. Sadly it’s only 12 episodes long. I think they could have and should have done more.


I love old hard disks with old video archives i haven’t touched in a few years…


Finished season 1 of Mindhunter on Netflix. I’m normally not into crime shows, but it was pretty good. The magicians season 3 starts on January 10th. It’s a really beautiful fantasy show that is about magic, seasons 1-2 are on Netflix. I recommend them. :slight_smile:


Just watched the first episode of black mirror… great story and Jesse Plemmons. Not as scary as the earlier episodes but there are 5 to go in this season…


Finished them last night, two of the episodes are stand out for me, Hang the DJ and USS Callister…brilliant, the others are good but seem to be lacking a little bit from the last season I think…still one of the best shows out right now, the writing is so impressive.


Well, I know what I’m doing today!!! Besides cooking corned beef… :joy:


Yesterday i finished Peaky Blinders too. Realy a great show. One of my top 10. Now waiting for PB 5…
Black Mirrow is slaso awesome, so many WTF moments. The episode Black Hotel was great for me. I think the writers of this show, are patiets in a closed psychatric clinic. Weird and disturbing. I like ;-)).

I will gave the Book you talk about a try. Like gangster stories.

This shows surprised me:
The Bridge (original and the us version)
Marvel Punisher, first whatch Dare Devil season 2
Taboo (i love Tom Hardy)

On my list:
and the whole other stuff with a new Season coming out 2018


You mean Black Museum right?


I can’t even begin to explain how fucking pumped I am for Roseanne to come back. Its easily one of my top 5 fave shows of all time. So… In case there are any other Roseanne fans out there and you haven’t heard, get ready! :grin:


That’s going to be just like the new Full House. In other words, painfully wrong. I remember watching Roseanne back in the day; it was funny for a while. Like all shows (except MASH), it got pretty hard to watch toward the end of the series. I don’t think I can bear to watch it after that Full House debacle! The kids liked to watch the old Full House reruns, but they were left slack-jawed and bitter after the first episode of the re-launch. I can’t see any different fate for Roseanne.


Lmao I’m totally loving Fuller House! I literally cried when I first saw the trailer for it…:joy: (I’m such a sappy girl…) You’re right, definitely not as good as the original and I’m sure Roseanne won’t be either, but it makes me feel all nostalgic. :wink: