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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit Very good notes. Very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time.


You’re very welcome! From now on I’ll try to write them up a little at a time so it’s not such a long post. :nerd_face:


im guessing blu raz and blslushie are heavy pdo?

PDO flavor smash @ batch i made 28th May, and a batch i made 28th june
one of the flavors from 28th may was BLU RAZ @ 3% 100% VG 3mg nic from NR100mg
one of the flavors from 28th june was BBLSLUSHIE @ 3% 100% VG 3mg nic from NR48mg

I think the flavor smash is worse than fade. it makes it feel or taste like 6mg but really harsh. in my opinion its un-vapable.

wondering if we can get some more info please walt, on which ones have pdo (if all?) and which are highest so we can find out what this issue is.

i have exactly the same issue with PDO when i made a few liters of strawnana custard using PG flavors but i made it 50/50 ratio using PDO. for a month it was full of flavor but tasted wrong because it was not aged at all.
2nd month was fine but felt a bit harsh, 1st week of 3rd month. unvapable. too harsh. tasted flavor smashed together.
exactly what im having happen with a few of the RF SC’s. but im not adding pdo. 100% vg only.
is this a issue i am alone facing or are a few others having this smash?

EDIT* just want to add. still very happy with all the others


PDO is not found in very many flavors. I believe candy base, taffy base (not the taffy flavors, just the base), soda base, all have about 30% PDO. As for flavors, if there is some, it is under 5%. I would need to look at the formulas to be sure, but I believe blood orange is the highest at 7%


BTW, I have read everyone’s comments above. I am asking some of the big companies who mix with us what they do differently. There are some major brands that use or flavors only in their product and I have never heard of this from them.

I know most, if not all are higher VG but there is some PG in their products. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I was looking into it still.


oh wow. ok so my issue isn’t as thought. damn. sorry bout my harsh words about my harsh results of this harsh liquid. I wonder what it could be. I was so sure it was the PDO flavor smash. (which is a real thing i just made up the name for it)
Thank you Walt for your dedication to the ELR populous =D


Who here has tried the Frosted Animal Cookie? Looking to get that one, sponge cake, butter toffee, and white chocolate here this week, just wondering if anyone had any that crossed their palate in a really memorable way.

Seems the RF SC threads have quieted a bit.


Saw this on ELR facebook seems someone is displeased with Real Flavors


Apparently a Troll post, because anyone who has done business with Walt knows he takes pride and has a passion for his business.


Yea I Know, just had to share, what a shtup


There’s asshats everywhere within this community and a person that talks like that has no credibility what so ever if you ask me.


@Mark_Turner Roger that brother. Gotta love FB, or the web for that matter, some of the time. I think my personal take on MY huge run of RF SC flavors (when comparing to my other recent (OOO), and (PUR) tests), actually came out pretty good. I’ve had more winners from the RF SC line, than the other two combined. Just my .02.


@David5362 I’m right there with you, keep wacking da trolls brother !!!


@Norseman Couldn’t agree MORE. I had planned to just keep passing out my new hats, …
… until I ran out !!!


Dittos …


Looks like the post has been removed? i cant seem to find it in that thread.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but ffs a modicum of decency please. :wink:


his comment offered no support in a factual sense.
just bollocks. a waste of time and energy.
shit like that. aye. lol


Okayyyyy, so… Been smoking on Sweet Potato Pie that is over a month old made at 3% and it literally tastes like nothing… Going to do a 6% mix later, anyone else have similar results?



Sweet Potato SC 2.5% (5-20-17) – 2 weeks of waiting for my FIRST Sweet Potato vape, never had one before. @ 2.5% probably NOT one of their stronger flavors. At first I was hard pressed to get any sweet potato from it. It’s a nice sweet, slightly darker flavor on the inhale, and there IS some SP on the exhale. I feel it could use more of the SP for sure. Not terrible by any means, but it’s just not as forward as many of their others. Still vaping it trying to decide how to explain it, and it’s really not bad, just needs some intensity. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is Sweet Potato Pie !!! and this would def. MIX into that, just need to boost it up somewhat. Having never had a SP flavor, hard to figure out a rating for this one. Going to leave this one @ 6.5/10.


Dude vaping that stuff would be a much better idea over smoking it… Just saying…