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Vape Mail 2018


thanks @SthrnMixer, loving the lights…



A new Aladdin in Black. Sweet vape and pretty foxy on the Therion BF.


Got what I needed for this much recommended recipe. Super fast processing and shipping.
Thanks @Nicotine_River


You’re going to love it. It does need to steep, I found that 3-4 weeks is good but it just gets better the longer it steeps.


Alot of vape reviewers use this regulary but always forget to mention what they are rocking atm, now i know :smiley:
Looks nice :wink:


Thanks @Brunkezz, but I am no vape reviewer, not yet anyways!!! But this Loch Ness just keeps following me everywhere I go !!!


You must be a tool and die maker, I have 30 year mechanical engineering in the valve industry.


Ok… I couldn’t help my self, I had to get one. Now I don’t recommend going about it, the way I did. It’s alway’s a bad Idea to Barrow money, to get vape gear. I didn’t have a choice this time though. I was up late, friday night and fell asleep at the computer, I awoke the next morning the proud owner of the Loch Ness. Now you would think I could have canceled it, and I tried, but it was already processed and in the mail, before I got up Sat. morning.

So I decided to sell it and make a decent profit… But… Upon opening it and laying eyes and hands upon it. It was like love at first sight.

So here she is, my newest lover…


Oy ya, I am glad it was only 35.98. So it wasn’t as hard to barrow 35 dollars.


Dang bro I had to get two so I could get free shipping but I “accidentally “ hit the three button instead lol :joy:


Awesome, what are you gonna do with em?

You could sell the ones you don’t need…


One for me one for the wife and the other incase of an emergency or possibly a gift for someone who really wants to quit smoking. I really like the feel of it though nice mod for sure


@Daven, I own a welding and machine shop, I have been in business for 35 years. I have 2 shops full of machinery.


@Dan_the_Man, ain’t she purrttie !!! I wanted the black, but at the the time, they sold out!!!

@Awakenow2, Good Deal, I seriously thinking about another, for the money, but, well, should I, but, well, !!


The mailman accidentally delivered this Loch Ness today as well as some wire and juice from a friend.



Damn !! this phenomenon is spreading like wild fire, call it the Dan_The_Man_Can , !!!:+1::+1:


I second this lol… thanks @Dan_the_Man for the heads up. I have a black ness coming tomorrow too.


Looking Good!!! is that a Zues on top


Indeed it is. :+1: the blue doesnt match exactly with the ness but who cares lol.


I got the black Zues, gold and black look good on the blue Loch Ness, and the chip board is just as good as Tesla and Evolv , so far, it is running clean and spot on!!!


I actually just ordered a black Zeus earlier for the black ness thats coming tomorrow. :joy: the zeus is the only tank I use.