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Vape Mail 2018



How is the cucumbler?


My Black ness says “out for delivery”. Should be there when I get home. Going to put a Kylin on it.


@Awakenow2 LOL, my wife USED to buy that when I told her that LOL. NICE score !!!


I can’t believe how fast mine got here. it was lickity split


How’s the battery door on all these ness’s?


Honestly that’s the one thing I noticed right off the bat, it looks flimsy but time will tell how it holds up.


Same here. I don’t like the battery door at all. I must admit also, that is isn’t as solid as I was led to believe.


Pretty authentic tasting to me. Just the smell from the bottle is amazing. I’m still testing it in mixes around .4 to .8%.


Looks to me i should watch a review of this device, seems like everyone is getting it :sweat_smile:
Maybe change the title to ‘Loch Ness mail 2018’ ?


@Awakenow2 @Daven @Mix_and_Hope @MisterSinner @Jim22 @redscaddy22

I don’t know about y’all but my battery door has got me MAD, ANGRY, Furious, etc.

No less than three times, the battery door just popped open and out fell my batteries, onto the concrete and dented one of my batteries enough that I have to throw it out. Brand new 25R’s I am miffed beyond belief, right now.

@redscaddy22 I assume, that is what you were referring to? If so then, I hate the batt. door. I don’t see how I can keep this device.

Looking forward to what y’all have to say about it.


mine is the opposite, it is stiff, can not open fully, like I want. but it is doable. that is only con i see so far. with time it will losen to my liking. Oh, and also the fire button was a little clicky at first, and now it has smoothed out.


I have not had that problem yet, but I just got it yesterday. I have only put batteries in it once yesterday and I still have 3/4 charge on them so that is good. Maybe you could contact envii and let them know you got a faulty battery door and they’ll make it right. I saw on the comments section (for the Loch Ness) on their site someone complained and the owner or a rep got on and made the situation right.


I’ll give it a shot. thanks


same as @Mix_and_Hope for me as far as the door. You can see the finish rubbing away from opening the door a few times. That will loosen it up I’m sure.


The battery door on my Black Ness seems OK, I don’t get a good feel of a solid close and lock, but it is working so far. I do like the feel of it in my hand, and the location of the fire button. Works well with a Kylin RTA I had brand new in the box that I never put to use.


Well that’s good then. At least its only me then.


Maybe someone that accidentally ordered 3-5 would be willing to swap with you :wink: just a thought tho because we know returns/warranty can be a pain in the butt


Mine works perfectly. No sloppiness in the hinges, no rubbing or binding. Whenever I get a bottom door mod, I purposely smack it around and tap it on a tabletop to see if the battery door stays shut. I would definitely contact the company and give them a chance to make it right.


Joined team steam :grinning: