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Video games, do you play?


@Lexie3 We haven’t done it yet, but I have World of War Zombies installed on one of my gaming rigs, with dedicated servers ready to go.


Where’s the Toilet seat?
Must be difficult to straddle the bowl when you pinch a loaf.


Im in :slight_smile:


I love bgs and it is usually what i do as well. Guild raiding sucks because its usually too hard core and I am way past that kind of playing. Now i love to raid, but at m y own pace and schedule. Ill join a premade occassionally but i love to pvp and just screw around


…and who may I ask is pikachus friend?


his name is Ash, but everyone knows that


what do you guys play or have played cutlass?


We haven’t played anything yet, I think the reason is because I play console games and most of the other members here play pc.


aww yeah I prefer pc games as well. consoles kill my thumb lol


I just never got into them like I did consoles just lazy I guess.


give it a shot and you wont go back ;p


My hands are in rough shape and have never been able to deal with the controllers since nintendo. But games seem to have come a long way from my last console(xbox). My hands got downright bruised from it. I guess I squeeze it too hard even if it only needs a tap.


Just got a raspberry pi and got retropi set up. How awesome :smile:


It’s funny how @Cutlass92 was the one who really wanted it, but I’ve played it more!!!


Same thing with me!! I got it for my partner. But I’ve been playing Atari games from before I was born. I love the random game selector!


I haven’t tried the random game… now I have plans tonight! A little pathetic? Maybe… :joy:


i have the whole MG & MGS series, been playing it on the MSX-2 computer when i was 8 years old :wink:
been a fan ever since.
I am also still finishing MGSV tough…almost there, you guys think this MGS


Just gotten myself a PS4 Pro and downloaded Tekken 7,start training to kick some ass online :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


The metal gear games are probably my favorite of all time. I think I’ll boot up 5 and finish it real soon.


What was the bee guy one again? Number 3? I liked that one a lot.