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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



“C’mon Superman, say your stupid line…” :crazy_face:




I’ve been digging on some Vulfpeck lately. Pretty good stuff!


Reminds me of my summers growing up at the lake over Memorial Day minus the stripper pole. :sunglasses: Have a great one!


Never forget the reason for the holiday…


Cheers to the vulfpack! :hugs:


OK, fair warning, this one is an oldie. I must admit, I’m not one for dancin’ (bit embarrassing at my age ha-ha) but when I hear this one …. away I go! “shimmy, shimmy” side to side …. ooh yeah! Sad I know but what the hey. Just listened to it again now before I posted this and still gets me movin’….


Love me some oldies, 12 pack, I’m on the dance floor !!!


love this and all music


Damn! I’m not sure how but I actually remember seeing this on the telly when I was a kid. Ripe ol’ age of 6 mind you. Where’s all the time gone? Thanks for the share @Mix_and_Hope. You’ve made my night :smile:

Sorry, the Temptations video is what I’m talking about. Cheers…


Me too !! I saw them at 7, mom was dancing !!! Miss her


I remember watching this as a kid and boogying around the front room in my feety pj’s! (Which, I.m not ashamed to admit, I wore until the ripe old age of 8) Loved watching Soul Train and Solid Gold when I was a wee child…







I wanted to go sooo bad. My bank account said NO but hopefully next year ill be able to go. Monterey is beautiful.